Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing or "permanent makeup". This technique is used to create the look of realistic hair strokes by implanting pigment beneath the skin. Microblading can help to add density to existing eyebrow hair or create a completely natural-looking set of eyebrows for those who experience partial or complete hair loss. The eyebrow shape, color, and style is completely tailored to each individual client for the most realistic results.
Permanent makeup is an extremely meticulous treatment. Skill level, artistry, and experience can mean the difference between a beautiful, natural result and a botched job. Although microblading is semi-permanent when done properly, it can become permanent when performed too deeply in the skin - resulting in unattractive grey tones and harsh lines that do not fade over time. Unfortunately, this is very common and removal can be expensive, painful, and time-consuming. New microblading will not cover up a poorly done tattoo. Please do your research when selecting an artist. Remember, this is a tattoo on your face and the utmost care should be taken!
Grace completed her microblading training with Phi Brow Academy - recognized to be the top microblading organization in the world. Phi Brow Artists are held to the highest standard of detail and artistry. Perfecting brow shaping, symmetry, and natural stroke patterns are a part of the rigorous training program. We precisely measure every aspect of the brow for the most aesthetically pleasing results based off your unique features.
($100 deposit required prior to booking)
Includes full consultation, mapping your perfect shape, color selection, numbing, and the microblading treatment.
A $100 non-refundable deposit is required prior to booking. Deposit is applied towards total.
3-3.5 hours
6-8 Week Touch Up ---------- $100
6-12 Month Refresher ---------- $225
12-24 Month Refresher ---------- $300
Microblading is semi-permanent and will lighten and fade over time. Many factors including skin type, sun exposure, and skin products can effect how your new brows will fade. Most clients need a refresher every 12-18 months to maintain results. A new service at full price is required after 2 years.